Sundew“Sundew” (4.5%) – a festival special for the Rutland beer festival. It is a mid golden beer brewed with a subtle blend of WGV,Motueka and Willamettte hops. Named after the Sundew Dragline, a large electrically-powered dragline excavator used in mining operations in Rutland and Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. It began work in a Rutland iron ore quarry.
Sundew remained until operations at the quarry ceased in 1974 and plans were then devised to relocate the machine to a recently-opened British Steel quarry near Corby. At a cost of £250,000 and taking two years to complete it was decided that dismantling, moving and reconstructing the machine was not a viable option, and so over a nine week period in 1974 Sundew was walked thirteen miles from its home near the village of Exton in Rutland to a site north of Corby. During the walk the dragline crossed three water mains, ten roads, a railway line, two gas mains and a river, before finally reaching its new home.
Hence the words”Excuse me I’m walking to Corby” which feature on the pumpclip